induction scanners to harden sun gears and output shafts
An EFD Induction HardLine VL 1000, similar to one recently ordered by a major US tier-one automotive supplier. The cabinet on the right contains the ‘Sinac’ power source. Also from EFD Induction, this generator delivers a constant power factor of 0.95 at all power levels.

induction scanning systems for the hardening of sun gears

EFD Induction USA has recently won major orders from two American tier-one automotive suppliers. The orders involve EFD Induction ‘HardLine’ type induction scanning systems for the hardening of sun gears and output shafts.

 Each system comprises an induction scanner, a power source, and various optional features.

The first order comprises an EFD Induction Rotary Table (HardLine RT 550) hardening system for treating sun gears, and a vertical scanner system (HardLine VM 1000) for hardening output shafts. The second order is for two vertical scanner systems, a HardLine VS 300 for hardening sun gears, and a HardLine VL 1000 for treating shafts.

All the systems are powered by EFD Induction Sinac power sources, and feature CNC-based control systems. Each machine also features a closed-loop cooling system.

HardLine is EFD Induction’s family of systems for surface and through-hardening, with equipment available to handle everything from small gears with complex geometries up to the giant slewing rings used in modern wind turbines. The vertical scanners supports a range of optional subsystems, including: automated loading/unloading solutions, indexing tables with unlimited position control, double tailstocks and centers for the simultaneous hardening of two workpieces, a HF/MF chuck connection for quick changeovers between high and medium frequencies. The hardening system can also be paired with an integrated or separate tempering station.