Induction  pre-heating steel strands
The EFD Induction Sinac system will pre-heat steel strands destined for use in demanding construction and engineering projects.

Induction heating: Pre-heating steel strands

Belgium-based steel wire specialists ArcelorMittal Fontaine has bought an EFD Induction Sinac induction generator for pre-heating steel strands. The Sinac is a low- frequency 200 kW model.
Delivered at the end of 2009, the EFD Induction Sinac is being used to produce pre-stressed steel. This material, consisting of metal wires and strands made of wire rod, is mainly used in the con struction industry. Together with  various forms of concrete it can be used for balconies, foundation piles, underground engineering and bridge building. Sales executive  of EFD Induction in France said: “ArcelorMittal Fontaine took delivery of a Sinac system in 2007, and based on their positive experience decided to add this latest order. We’re also looking at the possibility of replacing more of their existing rotation generators with induction heating alternatives.” The pre-stressed steel wire sector is one of the few industrial sectors to remain un affected by the global economic crisis. “Governments worldwide have invested heavily in infrastructure projects—something that has helped keep the demand for steel wire buoyant.”