Induction Heating for Railway Maintenance.

Induction heating is ideal for the railway industry

The Minac – EFD Induction’s mobile induction heating equipment – is so well suited for key tasks in the maintenance of rolling stock that one of the largest European railway service companies has purchased no less than ten and are considering investing in even more.

In May 2017, EFD Induction in Poland was approached by one of the largest companies dealing in the maintenance and repair of rolling stock in Europe. They were looking for a solution for the brazing of copper windings.

“We performed successful trials and demonstrations in our workshop,” recalls Sales Manager Dawid Michalski. “When the samples were cooling down, we took the opportunity to tell them more about the Minac’s possibilities, explaining how it really is a great and flexible unit that can be used for a lot of different applications.”

It transpired during the conversation that the customer was doing a lot of shrink-fitting tasks in connection with the maintenance of trains, disassembling and shrink-fitting bearings and lock rings. These are exactly the sort of applications that the compact multipurpose Minac converter is particularly useful for.

“We offered a free demo on-site and the customer was very happy to get a chance to see how our machines would perform in real production life,” says Dawid, who scheduled two meetings in two of their plants.

The demonstrations went very well, and the customer really appreciated the technology. In the past they had experienced a lot of issues with flexible coils produced in Russia.

“After a few months we received news that although our brazing demo had great results, the customer did not choose to invest in this at the moment,” Dawid says. “However, they were so happy with the shrink-fitting results that they had decided to buy two Minacs for this purpose.”

The news about how well the Minacs performed spread quickly around all the customer’s plants and in 2019 they ordered eight more Minacs.

“We are very happy that they are so satisfied with our equipment,” says Dawid. “They are even saying that they consider investing in even more Minacs later this year.”

Sales Manager Dawid Michalski

Sales Manager Dawid Michalski.


If you would like to know more about the Minac or about how EFD Induction can be of help to you, Dawid and more of our application experts are now at the TRAKO International Railway Fair which started in Gdańsk, Poland, yesterday. You can find us at Hall G - stand number 21.


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