Brazing compressor parts with induction heating
Minac is used to braze the joints in the ice cream machines’ compressors

Ice cream—for best result just add induction brazing!

Italians are famous for their delicious ice cream. But ice cream with induction brazing?

Alessandro Mariani of EFD Induction Italy provides a recipe that guarantees perfect results every time.

Everyone knows about ice cream. And since you’re reading this, chances are you also know about brazing using induction heating. But did you know that brazing with EFD Induction equipment is helping Italians enjoy home-made ice cream? First, the background. Making ice cream at home with ice cream machines is extremely popular in Italy. And competition for this market is intense, with ten brands of domestic ice cream machines available. Two sub-suppliers provide the brazing operations for all the country’s ice cream machine manufacturers. Of course, with such competition, it is crucial that sub-suppliers ensure quality and keep down costs when brazing. And one sub-supplier has found out how to do just that—by using an EFD Induction Minac 12/18 to braze the joints in the ice cream machines’ compressors!

The process is quick, easy and cost-efficient. Throughput is increased because one coil is used to braze all the joints. Also, induction brazing means no flux! How’s that for an easy way to make ice cream?