Induction hardening machine - HardLine Hybrid

Hybrid horizontal hardening at Thermprocess

At the ongoing THERMPROCESS trade fair in Düsseldorf, EFD Induction are presenting their HardLine Hybrid – the world’s fastest and most flexible horizontal hardening machine.

“High throughput and consistent heating outcomes are essential when you are heat treating bars and shafts”, says Sales Manager for Induction Hardening Machines, Helmut Schulte. “And, with EFD Induction’s HardLine horizontal heat treatment systems that is exactly what you get.”


The HardLine horizontal heat treatment systems are field-proven solutions that deliver the short cycle times, reproducibility and reliability needed for mass production. The newest member of the HardLine family is no exception.



New HardLine Hybrid

Sales Manager for Induction Hardening Machines, Helmut Schulte and Director for Product Development IHM Bogdan Cerchez are proud to show the new Hybrid horizontal hardening machine.


“The HardLine Hybrid essentially gives you two machines in one”, Bogdan Cerchez points out. The Director for Product Development IHM was the technical leader for developing the machine, along with a team of very dedicated engineers who put their hearts and souls into the process. “As a hybrid, it combines a pusher system – a so-called HP – and a continuous loading system – an HC – into a single machine”, he says.


The system is modular, so the same machine can be used as HC only, HP only, or have both HC and HP assemblies installed, essentially providing you with two functionalities in the same machine. That translates into lower costs.


“Exactly! Lower capital investment is a key point here”, says Helmut. “A customizable HardLine HH system means you don’t need dedicated machines. Having both HC and HP in one versatile unit greatly reduces the cost.”


“The setup time, to change from one function to the other, is very short”, Bogdan adds.  “Likewise, the HardLine Hybrid is very operator friendly. It has a very smart ergonomic design with easy-to-use control interfaces as well as easy-to-access components.”


Induction hardening machine - HardLine Hybrid

NEW DESIGN AND ERGONOMICS: The HardLine Hybrid has a new look and is operator-friendly with improved operator accessibility.


A HardLine Hybrid machine can handle a wide range of workpiece types and dimensions, with lengths from 50 to 600 millimetres and diameters of 5 to 50 millimetres. Due to its numerous automatic systems, the set-up time is minimal, taking only seconds to adjust.


“Actually, it can be adapted to a new workpiece size at the push of a button”, says Bogdan. “Also, rejects are automatically separated, and the scrap parts are separated from the main flow, which means it can work without stops.”


The high scanning speed and the quick loading and unloading systems of the HardLine Hybrid work together to ensure high throughput rates, and the machine can be fitted with various options to adapt the machine to your specific process requirements.


“Maximum productivity and safe, reliable operation is what you want”, says Helmut. “And, that is what we offer.”



Would you like to have a closer look at the HardLine Hybrid machine? Come to the EFD Induction booth 9A41, hall 9 at THERMPROCESS!

Our experts are at hand to answer any question you may have.