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Weldac with EHE Consumables induction coil.
Weldac with EHE Consumables induction coil.

Higher production in smaller space - induction tube welding

After investing in an EFD Induction Weldac welder, Sperrin Trading Services Ltd (STS) in Northern Ireland has been able to increase their production output and free up valuable space.
250kW Weldac installed on Kusakabe mill

250kW Weldac installed on Kusakabe mill.


STS, located in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone,  are the only steel tube and profile manufacturer in Ireland. They produce pipes from 22mm to 125mm diameter, squares from 25mm x 25mm to 100mm x 100mm, and rectangles up to 100mm x 50mm, with wall thicknesses up to 6,3mm.

Peter Bond“STS had been a long-term customer of EHE Consumables, so we had a good existing partnership with them,” says EFD Induction Sales Manager, Peter Bond.

In 2018, Sperrin upgraded the drive systems of their Kusakabe tube mill, which resulted in the need to replace an old thermionic valve high-frequency welder.

“We presented the Weldac technology to them, as it would be a significant upgrade of efficiency, reliability and flexible delivery of stable weld power,” says Peter Bond.

There is a lot to consider when investing in new equipment and EFD Induction will always help a customer with their due diligence to make sure that the investment will pay off.

“Yes, we produced examples of energy saving based on Sperrin’s existing installation, production hours and energy costs in order to justify investing the money,” Peter Bond says. “The new 250kW Weldac was a much smaller footprint compared to their old system which has freed up space behind the mill. It has also enabled them to increase production output.”

“The new Weldac has only been in operation for three months, but we can already see reduced energy consumption with increased line speeds. The controls are simple and easy to use for our operators and weld bead quality is more even and consistent.” says Damien Convery, Managing Director at STS.


Weldac with EHE Consumables induction coil. 

Weldac with EHE Consumables induction coil.