Helping refugees from Ukraine

EFD Induction Germany has opened their doors for a small family fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

The whole world is following the developments in Ukraine with great concern and worry. The millions of refugees flooding across the borders need our help, and EFD Induction Germany have given a married couple with a young son a safe place to stay.

After the first bomb alert on the 24th of February, this small family at once decided to flee from the port city of Odessa, so they got in their car and drove to the countryside. However, they soon realized they would not be safe there, and already the next day they travelled on to Moldova. There they spent several nights in their car in sub-zero temperatures, hoping to return home soon. But as the bombings continued, hope faded.

So, they drove on via Romania, Hungary and Austria to Germany, where they arrived in the southwestern part of the country on March the 7th.

It was through a former employee that EFD Induction Germany first heard of the family and their plights. Without hesitation they offered one of the company's apartments as accommodation. And finally, on the 17th of March, the family was able to move into the apartment where they could sleep safely, after almost three weeks on the run.

EFD Induction is happy to be able to help and very proud of the solidarity and support our German colleagues show in this situation.