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Hardening process with HardLine M

Good teamwork with Siemens

Siemens have delivered the drive controllers to our new Hardline M modular induction hardening machines, helping to make the resource- and energy-efficient hardening process lean and green.

Josef Zeinhofer“When you’re working with a complex project like the Hardline M, it is important to have a competent partner you can discuss technical issues with”, says Global tech. leader for soft- and hardware at EFD Induction, Josef Zeinhofer. “For this project, we chose Siemens as our partner because they have very good products and a suitable solution for almost every technical application.”

The new and fully modular Hardline M induction hardening machines are fitted with flexible and compact SIMATIC drive controllers from Siemens, and EFD Induction decided early in the project to bring in Siemens as a partner, both in the selection of the hardware and during the standardization of the software.

“Siemens is a very reliable partner and a global player with a worldwide presence. We were able to discuss our choices with developers in Stuttgart and Nürnberg”, Josef says. “In fact, Siemens supported us with a technical expert who was available during the entire project. This significantly reduced the risk of making any wrong decisions when we were developing the machine.”

EFD Induction’s ambition for the HardLine M was to make a machine that is easy to configure, build and commission – by using modularization and standardization. The modular design makes it easy to change the setup and customize to the specific requirements of the customers.

“The result is a very compact, flexible and cost-efficient machine with a short lead time”, Josef says. “Depending on requirements, we intend to shorten project lead times for a HardLine M by 20 to 30 percent.”

Siemens has presented the HardLineM project on their own website and even made a very informative film about the machine. Please have a look!