Induction heating of plowshares

Mølbro opted for EFD Induction solution

The system—installed at the production plant of Mølbro A/S in Broby, west of Copenhagen—is being used to forge plowshares.

Allan K. Rasmussen, EFD Induction sales representative in Denmark says: “The whole process went very well. The system was up and running within one day.” Mølbro opted for our the EFD Induction solution only after making a detailed evaluation of all their options. Says Rasmussen: “They chose our machine because of its documented economic and technical benefits. Our after-sales service was another important factor behind their choice.”

One technical feature that impressed Mølbro was built-in automatic impedance matching. This ensures exceptional heating times and power consumption levels. Feedback from Mølbro A/S shows that their new machine has slashed heating times by 25% compared to their previous forging equipment.