Induction heating equipment prepared for Industry 4.0

The New Generation Minac: Digital to the core

EFD Induction has always been at the forefront of technological development and with our new fully digital control system, we are prepared for the future.

EFD Induction is proud to present the new generation Minac that is prepared for Industry 4.0.

The future is interconnected, bringing with it possibilities of access to real-time data, remote service and new ways to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting. With the new
fully digital control system, EFD Induction provide a solid foundation to build on.
The new generation Minac is prepared for developments within advanced analytics and predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and alarming, automation and real-time data,
machine learning, remote service and augmented reality. Easy-to-install software upgrades ensure that the induction equipment will always have the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Enhanced reliability
With the new control system, the Minac will have extended life through our unique, advanced machine audits and trouble-shooting. Enhanced diagnostics will protect against unexpected

Increased productivity
Better use of machine data will increase productivity and provide unmatched control and efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements and shorter service response time.

Easy to use
The Minac is a mobile all-in-one induction system for the heating of practically any electrically ­conductive material. It is ideal for jobs as diverse as brazing, shrink-fitting, hardening, curing, ­straightening, and many more. It can easily be transported to the work site, and can be ­fitted with various coils and coil fixtures, single or twin power outputs, flexible cables, closed or separate cooling systems, and much more. EFD Induction will equip the Minac to fit any need.


New Generation Minac remote control

EFD Induction offer unique, comprehensive diagnostics, advanced machine audits and troubleshooting.