Induction heating for hardening and tempering of piston rods
In-line heat treatment in action: integrated hardening and tempering of piston rods in a horizontal centerless machine.

In-line induction heating solutions for surface hardening of shafts

One of the most powerful arguments in favor of in-line heat treatment is that it gives you complete control over all stages of production.

In fact, this is one of the key reasons why in-line induction solutions are well established in high-volume production lines, such as the surface hardening of shafts for the automotive industry. When the hardening process is fully integrated in-line you and your staff have a full overview of the various processes through which the components have passed. Only then can you keep track of the parameters that shape the final results.

An in-line solution simplifies business processes and administration. Logistics become smoother. Moreover, lead times are reduced, often spectacularly. In addition, inline heat treatment helps reduce the environmental impact of your operation. Heavy transports are reduced. The environmental benefits are even greater should the treatment process be changed from energy-intensive carburizing. The benefits of in-line heat treatment are impressive, but how exactly do you go about achieving them? A good place to start is your nearest EFD Induction representative. Give us a call or drop us a line—together you can devise your very own inline heat treatment solution.