Compact Weldac I Energy Saving Tube Welder

Compact Weldac for induction welding

EFD Induction’s new Compact Weldac isn’t just the most compact tube welder on the market, it is also the smartest, most efficient and eco-friendly – with low costs to boot.

Peter Runeborg and Compact Weldac

“The Compact Weldac gives you the well-known benefits of the powerful, reliable Weldac tube welders, and then some!" declares Peter Runeborg, Global Sales Director for Tube & Pipe.

“First and foremost, it is substantially smaller than its predecessor,” he says, dwarfing the machine as he leans on the cabinet. “It is obviously easy to fit, but more importantly, it’s even more efficient.”

With output power of up to 300 kW, the Compact Weldac is short circuit proof and has ultra-rapid power control. Utilizing the improved SiC inverter technology gives an impressive 91% efficiency – 7% more than previous systems and a whopping 35% more than vacuum tube converters. The revolutionary design also boasts a communication platform that is ready for Industry 4.0, enabling remote service and control.

"The Compact Weldac embodies how EFD Induction puts the customer in focus,” says Runeborg. “The best technology and components available guarantee unmatched up-time; the robust design means low maintenance and running costs, and the high efficiency saves energy and reduces cooling water consumption. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less from EFD Induction,” he smiles.

Compact Weldac coil

Coil changes take only seconds, with the induction frequency adjusting automatically to each tube dimension.