Pipe coating removal with induction heating

Product launch: Paint and specialty coating removal system

EFD Induction launches a high-tech system that rapidly strips paint and tough, high-build coatings.
Rugged, ergonomic, and environment-friendly, the Paint and Coating Removal system boosts production and cuts costs for re-painting jobs and for modification, maintenance, and repair work at offshore and onshore facilities, such as rigs, fabrication workshops, refineries, pipelines, processing plants, bridges, and shipyards.


Removing coatings from steel structures, piping, and equipment gets underway quickly. Just plug the Paint and Coating Removal system  unit into the site’s AC power supply and quick-connect its hand-held heating inductor. No gas cylinders, no blast grit, and easy cleanup of paint and coating debris.


EFD Induction is Europe’s largest manufacturer of induction heating equipment for industrial applications. Customer assistance, built on more than 79 years of induction heating innovation, is provided by EFD Induction’s service centers, production plants, and R&D facilities located in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


Faster, better, cheaper
Contractors and operators report a remarkable 90-percent reduction in the time required to remove tough, high-build specialty coatings, such as structural fireproofing or pipeline insulation. Paint systems a few mils thick (4-12 mils/100-300µ) are a snap to remove, using the Paint and Coating Removal System .

The Paint and Coating Removal system  applies localized, high-frequency induction heating to rapidly disbond a coating from the metal surface that it covers. The dislodged coating peels off for easy cleanup.

By contrast, traditional methods for removing industrial coatings require abrasive blasting, disk grinding, or flame heating. These processes are generally more time-consuming, particularly for thick coatings, and may require costly containment and clean-up procedures.


Better technology

The energy-efficient Paint and Coating Removal System  is an integrated plug-and-play unit with modular components.

Computerized controls simplify operations — and store and recall operating parameters for repeat jobs. Power level, cycle and temperature profile programming, and induction frequency are set according to coating thickness, substrate dimensions, and to enable simultaneous OD and ID coating removal.
The Paint and Coating Removal System's modular design allows customers to order the system that best suits the job at hand. Off-the-shelf and custom-built heating inductors are available in various sizes and geometries for optimal stripping capabilities. The interchangeable quick-connect heating inductors are water-cooled and safe to handle. And for each inductor changeover, the system’s computer applies the appropriate operating parameter set.