Induction brazing of banjo fittings
A banjo fitting being brazed in protective atmosphere.The resulting joints are clean, and because the process is flux-free, no cleaning is necessary

Induction heating for brazing of high-grade banjo fittings

An EFD Induction brazing solution at diesel engine specialist Agco Sisu Power slashes production times for high-grade banjo fittings.

The Agco Sisu Power facility in Linnavuori, Finland makes more than 30,000 diesel engines a year, many of which are used by the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors and other farm machinery. As part of their efforts to boost productivity and minimize environmental impact, Agco Sisu Power app roached EFD Induction with a tough challenge. Could we build an automated flux-free brazing solution for banjo fittings—and could we replace expensive silver brazing alloy with a more cost-effective alternative?

Faster production

The decision to adopt a flux-free solution was prompted by several compelling reasons. Although excellent at avoiding oxidation, fluxing agents are toxic. This slows down the brazing process, as does the need to apply the flux to each workpiece— something which is problematic in an automated line. Moreover, the flux remaining on the brazed parts must be removed, adding time and costs to the brazing process. Our solution features a hydrogen-based protective/active  atmosphere,     two-turn coil, and two Sinac SH power generators. The brazing alloy is copper, which is not only tentimes less expensive than silver, but also increases the strength of the joint compared to the more costly alternative. The solution is installed and working to specifications, brazing high-quality banjo fittings with dia meters of 5-18 mm. And since it’s flux-free, the system removes the need for any flux  removing processes.