Induction welding and seam normalizing
Official handing-over ceremony in Baoshan's factory

Baoshan installs Weldac and two seam annealing machines

Shanghai-based Baoshan Iron & Steel Company Ltd. is China’s largest iron and steel manufacturer. The recent installation of an IGBT-based Weldac and two seam annealing machines enables them to produce a complete range of tubes.

EFD Induction has again proven its market leadership in high-powered solid-state welding equipment.

This time it is Baoshan who has chosen to go for an 1800 kW Weldac, the world’s largest solid-state welder. Baoshan has also purchased two 2400 kW seam annealing systems. Each system anneals, quenches and normalizes, and quenches and tempers. The complete system includes six units-all equipped with fully automated orbital tracking to follow the weld seam. It is now up and running successfully at Baoshan, producing tubes up to 24’’ with wall thicknesses of more than 20 mm.

EFD Induction’s Weldac and annealing systems now cover the complete range of tube production, from the smallest to the largest.