Induction hardening valves

Induction hardening system for valve specialist Basso

Argentina-based automotive valve manufacturer Basso A.S. has ordered a vertical hardening system from EFD Induction.

The system—designed to harden valve stem ends—is currently being constructed at EFD Induction’s facility in Freiburg, Germany. “As we all know, engine valves are subjected to extreme conditions,” says Stefan Rechtacek of EFD Induction Germany.

“The hardening process for this critical component must satisfy stringent quality standards. So we’re delighted that Basso, a world-leading manufacturer of   valves, chose us to devise a solution. It’s a major vote of confidence in our technical capabilities.

” The hardening system includes a 25 kW Sinac power source, a hardening machine with four rotating fixtures, a quenching system, customized inductors, loading and unloading mechanisms, a CNC/PLC control system. “The system is a  complete induction hardening solution that will be integrated into the  production line,” says Rechtacek. “Such in-line integration is a key advantage of induction hardening, allowing high throughput and productivity.”

Based in the northeast of Argentina, Basso S.A. is a part of the Basso Group, which also  includes Basso Motor Parts. Basso S.A. focuses on manufacturing  valves for mass-produced models. While Basso Motor Parts specializes in valves for racing and high- performance marques such as Maserati and Ferrari. The two companies produce more than 18 million components annually.