Compact High-Frequency Welder
EFD Induction leads the technological development of induction tube and pipe welding.

A small revolution in induction welding

Sometimes, big things come in small packages, or, as in the case of the new Compact Weldac, in a small cabinet. Less than 1300 millimeters tall, this high-output solid-state welder uses minimal space while yielding a lot of power.

The new Compact Weldac, with output power up to 300 kW, boasts high-efficiency SiC inverters and a dramatically reduced volume. At only half the size of its predecessor, this welder has a minimal footprint but has lost none of the Weldacs’ well-known power and high efficiency. On the contrary, from the mains to the welding coil the efficiency is an impressive 91%. This means low cooling water consumption and helps save energy, making the Weldac an eco-friendly alternative.

The convenient size of the Compact Weldac saves valuable floor space. Measuring less than 1300 mm in height, 1500 mm in length and 500 mm in width, it is very easy to install or retrofit in a production line.

The new Compact Weldac has a communication platform that can be set up for Industry 4.0 factory network. It is extremely easy to operate with a minimum of manual settings. Operation is via an easy-to-use control panel. Minimal operator intervention results in increased throughput and efficiency. Coil changes take only seconds, with the induction frequency adjusting automatically to each tube dimension.

All EFD Induction Weldacs have a 5-year warranty on inverter modules and driver cards and are supported by our global network of factories, service workshops and offices.

EFD Induction leads the technological development of induction tube and pipe welding, and provides equipment with the best power-to-volume ratio. We were the world’s first to offer 1100 kW in a single cabinet solution, and are now proud to present the most compact one-cabinet welder on the market.

Peter Runeborg and Compact Weldac

THE BEST TECHNOLOGY: "I am incredibly proud to present our new Compact Weldac," says Global Sales Director, Tube & Pipe, Peter Runeborg. "This small Weldac represents what EFD Induction is all about­—putting the customer in focus and giving them the best technology available to ensure profitability through unmatched up-time and efficiency."