What is induction heating


What is induction heating? How does it work and how can I use it? Induction heating is fast, accurate, controllable, clean, safe and compact. Putting the smarter heat to smarter use.

Power is applied to the workpiece by an in¬duc¬tion coil. An alternating current flowing through a coil (A) generates a magnetic field (B). Placing a workpiece (C) within the field induces eddy currents which will create heat, due to the resistance of the material. Heat is produced where—and only where—these eddy currents flow.

Different converters come with different power outputs and frequencies. Output power, the shape of the induction coil and the characteristics of the workpiece determine the heat pattern. The depth of heat penetration into the workpiece depends on the frequency: the lower the frequency, the deeper the penetration. 

Induction heating has numerous advantages over alternative technologies:

  • Quick

  • Accurate

  • Controllable

  • Repeatable

  • Clean, safe, compact