EFD Induction - Members of the Board

Group structure

The Board has overriding responsibility for managing the group and supervising its day-to-day management and operations. The Corporate Executive Committee is responsible for day-to-day operations, and presents proposals for strategy, goals, actions and financial statements, as well as important investments, to the Board. The EFD Induction Group has 18 subsidiaries that report to the Corporate Executive Committee.

The Board

Name           Title
Ørjan Svanevik (Chairman) CEO, Arendals Fossekompani ASA
Åge Landro 
CEO, Altus Intervention AS
Finn Amund Nordbye
  CFO, OMH Optimum Maritime Holdings Ltd
Pål Haugerud   Project Manager, EFD Induction, Norway, Employee representative
John Inge Asperheim                R&D Engineer, EFD Induction, Norway, Employee representative


Corporate Executive Committee

Name          Title
Bjørn Eldar Petersen Chief Executive Officer
Live Haukvik Chief Financial Officer
Magnus Vold   Chief Commercial Officer 
Inggard Aasenhus Torvik Chief Technology Officer
Qin Song Vice President Asia
Randy Borden Vice President North America
Tore Thorsteinsen   Vice President Europe


Subsidiary managers

Name                    Subsidiary
Merethe Pepevnik EFD Induction a.s, Norway

Bernhard Roglin

EFD Induction GmbH, Germany
Matthias Bengesser-Gruber
EFD Induction Ges.m.b.H, Austria
Laurent Porte
EFD Induction S.A., France
Tore Thorsteinsen
EFD Induction s.l, Spain
Kieron Ellis
EFD Induction Ltd., UK
Vishal Lodha
EFD Induction Private Ltd., India
Qin Song EFD Induction (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China
Randy Borden
EFD Induction Inc., USA
Tore Thorsteinsen
EFD Induction s.r.l, Italy
Grzegorz Korzuszek
EFD Induction Sp.z.o.o., Poland
Carmen Sisu
EFD Induction Srl, Romania
Tetsuro Yanagawa
EFD Induction K.K, Japan
Jon Philpott
EFD Induction Co., Ltd., Thailand
Rafael Herrero
EFD Induction Ltda., Brazil
Jon Philpott
EFD Induction Oil & Gas Service Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

John Holderman

EHE Consumables, USA