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Induction heating automotive parts


For years, EFD Induction has been a trusted supplier of induction heating solutions to numerous automakers around the world. We also work with many tier-one suppliers and sub-contractors.

Induction heating is used within a variety of fields in the automotive industry.
For example: 

Induction hardening

  • engine parts such as valves, crankshafts, camshafts, connection rods and starter rings
  • transmission parts, for example CV joints, tulips and axle shafts
  • suspension parts such as shock absorber rods, springs and suspension arms
  • parts for automatic and manual gear gearboxes, for example rings, selector shafts and sun gears
  • clutch springs and brake pads

Induction tempering

  • camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts, torsion bars, couplings, rocker arms, rock drills, chains, suspension arms, clutches, brake discs, steering wheels, CV joints, tulips, shock absorbers, inner and outer races, control rods, valves and output shafts.

Induction brazing

  • aluminum parts for air-conditioning systems, for example evaporator and condenser connections (tube-to-tube, tube-to-block, tube-to-tank)
  • steel and copper components, e.g., brake linings, fuel injection pipes
  • short-circuit rings for electric motors

Induction bonding

  • magnets in electric motors 
  • doors, hoods and trunks
  • fenders and rear-view mirrors

Induction pre-heating

  • transmission parts, for example shrink fitting of gear wheels 

Induction postheating

  • engine parts and brake discs (polymerization) 

Induction straightening

  • steel chassis
  • truck making and repair


Induction hardening. What makes it so effective?

Learn about the potential and benefits of induction hardening.

Aluminium brazing

Brazing aluminium is a demanding task. The reason is the need for exact temperatures. EFD Induction has unrivalled expertise in this application and is the world's leading developer of induction heating solutions for aluminium brazing.


Induction hardening heat treatment

EFD Induction is the world’s largest induction hardening equipment maker with close to 70 years experience.

Multi-frequency induction hardening

EFD Induction’s patented simultaneous multi-frequency hardening. The process achieves true contour hardening of small gears in well under a second.

Hardening of camshafts with induction heating

Customized coil for induction hardening of camshafts.

Hardening of bars and shaft with induction heating

A HardLine Centerless Pusher induction hardens steel bars.

Hardening of bars and shaft with induction heating

High throughput and consistent heating outcomes are essential when heat treating bars and shafts.

Hardening of camshafts with induction heating

We design, make and maintain customized induction coils for camshaft hardening. These formed coils deliver precise heat patterns and penetration depths for perfect hardening results.

Hardening of camshafts with induction heating

There are many reasons why induction heating is the preferred method for hardening camshafts.

Hardening of camshafts with induction heating

Our induction camshaft hardening solutions are used by many of the leading names in the truck, bus, excavator and earth-moving equipment industries. Our systems are also widely used to harden marine camshafts.

Hardening of crankshafts with induction heating

Car crankshafts, truck crankshafts, marine crankshafts  — EFD Induction systems are used worldwide to harden every imaginable type of crankshaft in a wide range of production volumes.

Hardening of crankshafts with induction heating

An EFD Induction robot-type crankshaft hardening system in action. All our systems feature mechanical and control innovations that minimize Total Indicated Run-out.

Hardening with induction heating

Our centerless horizontal hardening systems combine exceptionally high throughput rates with high reproducibility.

Hardening of shafts with induction heating

A programmable quenching cycle at work.

Hardening gears with induction heating

Induction is the cost-cutting alternative to furnace case hardening of small- and medium-sized gears.

Hardening gears with induction heating

Quenching of a small gear that has been heated by the simultaneous multi-frequency method.

Hardening gears with induction heating

A small gear t has been heated with a single frequency.

Hardening steering rack with induction heating

Induction hardening of steering rack.

Induction brazing of brake linings

Induction brazing of brake linings

Induction brazing of aluminium parts

Induction brazing of aluminium parts

Induction heating used for brazing of aluminum

EFD Induction has unrivalled expertise in making efficient solutions for aluminium brazing

Brazing banjo nipples with induction heating

Induction is a high throughput, no-contact heating method. It helps ensure strong yet barely visible joints—and the outstanding aesthetics expected by today’s customers.

Brazing of a heat exchanger with induction heating

Induction brazing of a heat exchanger.

Brazing of evaporator and condenser connections with induction heating

Induction heating is a perfect method for high throughput brazing of evaporator and condenser connections.

Protective atmosphere brazing of banjo nipples with induction heating

High-quality banjo nipples being brazed under a controlled atmosphere in a customized EFD Induction brazing machine.

Bonding with induction heating

Induction bonding. Universal fixture for lab/ process trials on customer panels. Collage inductive. Systeme flexible en laboratoire pour essais sur ouvrants Client.

Full-ring bonding with induction heating

Full-ring bonding with two-turn flexible coil Collage

Spot bonding with induction heating

Aluminium hood spot bonding tool. Note: The absence of clamps, minimal nest and relatively small curing areas.

Shrink-fitting with induction heating

More and more automotive sub-contractors are opting for induction heating to shrink-fit gear wheels.