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Induction heating for the cable and wire industry

Induction heating for the cable and wire industry

The unrivaled accuracy and control of induction heating—and the fact that it can be used on virtually any electrically conductive material—make it ideal for many key tasks in the manufacture of cable and wire.


Most of the equipment we supply to the cable and wire industry is used in the following areas:

  • Plasma heating for optical cable manufacturing
  • Preheating and postheating reduce cross linking time and therefore increase productivity


Plasma technology for the cable and wire industry

One hallmark of EFD Induction has been our success at finding new exciting uses for induction heating. A typical example is induction heating for the plasma industry. 


The whole purpose of plasma is to create a very pure glass material, which can, for example, facilitate the passage of light signals through optical cable. That’s exactly why induction heating is so suited to the cable and wire industry.


Traditional furnace heating can contaminate the melted glass with impurities. Induction heating however is a totally clean process that lowers the costs-as there's no need to buy and maintain purification machines.

Induction postheating in the cable and wire industry

EFD Induction has for years worked closely with the cable and wire industry on developing induction solutions.


Using postheating for cables speeds up the process of vulcanization of the insulation layer. In addition, induction heating is accurate and controllable, and the output power is in most cases controlled via the line speed.


Induction postheating is also used for wires, tubes and strands, for shaping objects or faster drying of paint.

Induction preheating the cable and wire industry

EFD Induction supplies numerous preheating solutions for the cable and wire industry. Heating before the extruder is the most common induction application in a cable production line. Using the preheater will decrease the cross-linking time and enable a faster line speed.


Preheating with induction instead of with a conventional method directly transfers the heat to the wire or the cable core. The material is heated to the right temperature in a very short time (exactly how short depends on the line speed and the coil length).  


Induction also means that the actual hardening process begins at the core. The result is better insulation with lower porosity.

Sinac - Universal heat generators


Universal heat generators


Choosing Sinac gives you more than the market's most advanced, most reliable induction heating systems. You also get easy access to EFD Induction’s global service, training and spare parts network. This network—which is made up of manufacturing plants, service centers and local representatives—means you are never far from qualified help and support.  


Opting for Sinac also ensures you get the best possible solution tailored to your specific needs and conditions. Prior to designing your system, our engineers, metallurgists and material experts assess your requirements. Testing and computer simulation at our labs guarantee you receive equipment which is optimized to your applications and which can be painlessly integrated into existing production lines and processes.  





To learn more about Sinac please download the brochure or contact your nearest EFD Induction office. 
  Sinac Universal heat generators


Induction coils

Having the right coil—and keeping it in the best possible condition—is critical to the efficiency of your induction solution. After all, the coil is the component that actually delivers the heat to the workpiece.


Our induction coil services cover all your coil needs: from coil design through to coil manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement.


Coil design

Correct coil design is essential to cost-effective induction heating. This service ensures you get design customized to your heating applications and materials. Which, in turn, means that you get the right heating patterns and your induction heating power supply delivers maximum output. You can use the service when introduction induction heating for the first time, or when upgrading existing coils. 


Coil database

Each EFD Induction coil is documented in a database containing all essential information. This makes it quick and easy for us to repair and replace your coils with constant quality. You can use the service when introducing induction heating for the first time, or when upgrading existing coils.


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