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New EFD Induction facility in China

EFD Induction is no stranger to China, having opened a major manufacturing plant in Shanghai in 2001. That initial presence was soon followed by a sales office in Beijing. And now, after a decade of steady growth, EFD Induction has opened a new facility in Guangzhou in the south of the country. Qin Song, managing director of EFD Induction in China, reports.

EFD Induction expands in China


The city of Guangzhou is the manufacturing, commercial and administrative capital of the Pearl River delta. Located only 120 km (75 miles) from Hong Kong, Guangzhou has over the past three decades grown into a base for China’s automotive, electrotechnical and domestic appliances industries.


EFD Induction’s new center in Guangzhou includes sales and service offices, as well as a 1,000 sq. meter induction coil factory. This new base will let us expand our cooperation with existing customers in south China and let us offer our expertise to new partners in the region.


Already established

Our existing customers in the Guangzhou region include SHOWA, the Japanese manufacturer of steering systems, differential gears and other components. We have to date supplied SHOWA with three induction heating systems. Another EFD Induction customer is NTN, the world’s second- largest maker of automotive CV joints. The list of EFD Induction customers also includes Johnson Electric, Panasonic, ABB and Zhida, makers of steel pipe, textiles and furniture.


The new center is an important step; not only for us, but for manufacturers throughout southern China who now have Europe’s largest induction heating company on their doorstep. The center’s Managing Director Peter Tian can be reached at: twh@cn.efdgroup.net