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Hardening of slewing rings
Wind is the ideal energy source. It’s safe, it’s clean, and there’s an endless supply. But harvesting and converting it into electricity poses challenges. The large slewing bearings used in wind turbines, for example, are subject to extreme loads and near-constant operation. Such conditions mean the slewing rings must be hardened without producing so-called ‘soft spots’ or ‘soft zones’. These zones are caused by unintentionally heating already hardened areas—in effect tempering, or softening, the metal.

Induction solution replaced flame brazing
All EFD Induction customers are committed to quality—otherwise they wouldn’t choose us. But some customers are committed to technical excellence and precision in a way that’s truly inspiring. Like Austria’s Anton Paar, for example.

Induction brazing of banjo nipples
An EFD Induction brazing solution at diesel engine specialist Agco Sisu Power slashes production times for high-grade banjo fittings.

EFD Induction expands in Poland
EFD Induction has acquired 70 per cent of the Polish induction heating company N-L Indukcja sp.z.o.o.

Induction heated skull
Over the years EFD Induction solutions have been used to make everything from bras to spaceships. But even we were impressed by the creativity shown by artist Paul Fryer in his use of our technology.

Interview with Eivin Jørgensen, CEO, EFD Induction
EFD Induction CEO Eivin Jørgensen has been interviewed by Automotive Industries magazine. The subjects discussed include EFD Induction’s history and its contributions to more efficient automobile manufacturing.

New EFD Induction facility in China
EFD Induction is no stranger to China, having opened a major manufacturing plant in Shanghai in 2001. That initial presence was soon followed by a sales office in Beijing. And now, after a decade of steady growth, EFD Induction has opened a new facility in Guangzhou in the south of the country. Qin Song, managing director of EFD Induction in China, reports.

Induction brazing of tool tips
KOMET Precision Tools of Bangalore, India had an interesting challenge. Could we devise a solution that increased productivity, while simultaneously ensuring even better and more consistent quality? Ravikiran A. Gundappa of EFD Induction in India reports.

Chain hardening
Based in the Czech Republic, Retezárna is a major European chain producer. And helping the company compete in the global marketplace are three complete EFD Induction hardening lines. EFD Induction chain hardening specialist Spencer Jones has the details.

AI interview with Eivin Jørgensen, CEO, EFD Induction by Steve Barcley
“In fact, whenever an automotive customer wants fast, efficient, reliable and controllable heat, the odds are we can devise a solution.” - Eivin Jørgensen, CEO, EFD Induction

Silicon helps make solar photovoltaic panels
Induction heating is being applied to silicon to help solve one of humanity’s biggest challenges: the production of clean, affordable and abundant electricity.

Induction hardening of camshaft lobes

EFD Induction is the world’s no.1 induction hardening company. That’s good news for us. But what’s more important is why?


One key factor is our proven success at ‘package hardening’—the simultaneous hardening of three closely spaced camshaft lobes.

Change from gas or arch heating to induction heating
One small but important step to help the environment is the change from gas or arc heating to induction heating.

EFD Induction expands into Canada and Romania
EFD Induction recently acquired 49% of Tekna Plasma Systems, Inc. The Quebec-based company develops and manufactures equipment that uses induction plasma technology in many areas. And Tekna is always on the lookout for novel ways to apply induction plasma technology, a quality we value.

Induction heating for the aerospace industry
Specialized applications. Stringent quality levels. Tight leadtimes. The global aerospace industry sets tough demands on its parts and equipment suppliers. But they are the kind of demands that induction technology is uniquely qualified to satisfy.

Coating of brake disc
What do more and more leading auto makers (including BMW, Audi and Volvo) have in common? They’ve all selected EFD Induction to heat treat brake discs against corrosion.

Seam Annealing with Horizontal Tracking
When producing welded pipes according to API specification or similar, the weld and the heat affected zone (HAZ) have to be normalized. EFD Induction has three solutions.

Heating of rivets
Every service call is unique. However, we received one recently that was truly extraordinary. Tom Smith, machinist for the 1925 steamship ‘Saltsjön’, rang. Could we help restore the old vessel by heating rivets for new, below-deck flooring?

Brazing of snowplough blades
Double the output. Better quality. Lower energy costs. It sounds too good to be true. But for Norway’s Scana Steel, these were the results of switching to an EFD Induction brazing solution.