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Independence Tube Corporation buys 1,200 kW welder
When it comes to choosing welders, Independence Tube Corporation (ITC) opts for EFD Induction. The new EFD Induction welder is a 1,200 kW Weldac.

Induction brazing of short circuit-ring
The shortcut to better short-circuit ring brazing Brazing the short-circuit ring (SCR) is a crucial step when manufacturing motor rotors. And as more and more companies are discovering, induction technology is unrivaled as the heat source for brazing. Climber Zhao of EFD Induction China explains what makes induction heating the natural choice for rotor brazing.

Induction heating equipment designed for straightening decks
The transistorised induction heating revolution was born to address the needs of one specific application: deckstraightening in the shipyards of Norway. It’s an exciting story — one that underscores EFD Induction’s background as an applications-driven pioneer.

Induction brazing of refrigerator parts
EFD Induction equipment is used at some of the world’s largest consumer refrigerator manufacturing facilities as a superior alternative to traditional flame brazing of tubing connections, as well as for heating pre-painted panels prior to bending. Tom Brown of EFD Induction USA explains more about this safer, more consistent, repeatable method of heating.

Pre-heating of pipes before welding
The Tampen Link project in the North Sea underlines the amazing versatility of induction heating. In this case, EFD Induction expertise is helping weld a branch pipe onto a 20’’ main high-pressure gas pipe located 145 m below the surface of the North Sea… without any interruption in the flow of gas!