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Major expansion in North America

EFD Induction recently acquired the Induction Bonding Systems business of Robotron Corp. The acquisition—which brings to almost 50 the number of EFD Induction, Inc. employees—significantly strengthens our presence in the key North American market.

EFD Induction - USA

EFD Induction has acquired the Induction Bonding Systems portion of the former Robotron Corporation. The acquisition boosts EFD Induction’s manufacturing capabilities in North America, and expands the local engineering and service support it offers North American customers.

For Tom Crocker, President of EFD Induction, Inc., the acquisition proves his company’s “long-term commitment to the North American market and to our North American customers.” Adds Crocker: “It’s a perfect match. The acquired business is a leader in accelerated structural adhesives-curing technology. EFD Induction, Inc. and the other units within the EFD Induction Group are unmatched in their technical competence—and in finding new applications for induction heating.” The acquisition, which was finalized last November, isn’t the only big news from EFD Induction, Inc. The company recently signed a long-term lease for a new 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Madison Heights, Michigan. This new facility will upon its completion in November be the base for all EFD Induction, Inc. personnel. The employees of the acquired business, now renamed EFD Induction Southfield, Inc. will also relocate to the new facility. “It’s easy,” says Crocker, “when talking about corporate acquisitions, to overlook the really important things. And one of the really important things in this case is that we acquired the skills and dedication of a remarkable group of people. The 37 people we hired from Robotron’s Induction Bonding Systems really know their business. They know the technology, they know the market, and they know how to deliver the benefits of induction heating to their customers.”

Until the move to Madison Heights, the acquired business will operate out of Southfield, Michigan. Tom Crocker heads the new company, and also continues as President of EFD Induction, Inc. based in Troy, Michigan. For more information about the acquisition—or about any aspect of EFD Induction, Inc.—just drop a line to Tom Crocker at: tlc@us.efdgroup.net