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JTEKT award to EFD Induction China

We are immensely proud and delighted to share the news that EFD Induction China is awarded "The best contribution 2017” from JTEKT China.

Managing Director, Mr. Qin Song, and Sales Manager, Mr. Frank Huang, of EFD Induction China, were very honored to be invited to attend the annual supplier meeting hosted by JTEKT China on May 16, in Shanghai. Out of the hundreds of representatives of direct suppliers who attended the meeting, EFD Induction is the only one headquartered outside of Asia.


During the meeting, Mr. Song was invited to come to the stage to receive The best contribution 2017 prize awarded by JTEKT China.


“I felt like a star on the red carpet that night”, he smiles. “And I was very proud of being introduced by the JTEKT top management as the most advanced induction heating company in technology, quality and worldwide overall arrangement.”


“The unique technology, good quality, global platform for work sharing and the world-wide footprint is the key for EFD Induction to be successful in JTEKT group”, said Mr. Zhou Yanxiang, the General Manager of the purchasing department at JTEKT (China) Co., Ltd. 



Long history

JTEKT is a Japanese multibillion corporation created in January 2006 upon the merger of two companies: Koyo Seiko (founded in 1921) and Toyoda Machine Works (founded in 1941). Koyo Seiko was a world-class manufacturer of bearings which turn the wheels of industry. In 1988 they succeeded in developing world's first electric power steering and put it into mass production. Toyoda Machine Works was a machine tool manufacturer excelling in world-leading technologies with customers all over world. They produced and sold automotive components such as steering and driveline components.


“In fact, EFD Induction supplied the steering hardening to FAW Koyo in the 1990’s”, says Mr. Frank Huang. “FAW Koyo purchased about 30 hardening and tempering machines for steering products from EFD Induction”.



Global footprint

EFD Induction is present in 22 countries, with manufacturing plants, workshops and sales & service centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. EFD Induction can provide the same high-quality machines and fast response service anywhere in the world.


Following the business expansion of JTEKT in China, EFD Induction China has been certified as a qualified supplier of induction heat treatment machines – not only for the main factories of JTEKT in China, like the plants in Xiamen, Tianjin, Dalian and Foshan – but also the JTEKT plants in Japan and Mexico.


To offer the best possible service, EFD Induction has expanded its product supply scope from steering, CVJ and hub bearing segments towards more segments for JTEKT in the future.



No coincidence

“This is not happening by coincidence. Hard work and systematic efforts are behind this result”, said CEO of EFD Induction Group, Mr. Bjørn Eldar Petersen, upon receiving news of the award. “I am really proud of the EFD Induction team achievement with this very challenging and long term rewarding customer.”


Mr. Qin Song agrees: “This is the great and valuable payback after years of hard work and strong cooperation by the EFD Induction team”, he says.