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Calsonic Kansei chooses new welder from EFD Induction

Multinational automotive component maker Calsonic Kansei has selected an EFD Induction welder to weld aluminium components for car radiators and condensers. The welder is a 50 kW model from EFD Induction’s new range of compact, low-powered Weldac welders.



Calsonic Kansei

Peter Tomas, production engineer at the Llanelli plant.  


“The order is one of several we have already received for our new smaller Weldacs,” says Peter Runeborg, head of the welder division at EFD Induction. “Our larger, higher powered Weldacs are well known around the world—especially for the high uptime and productivity made possible by their patented switching technology and use of reliable IGBT transistors. The new Weldacs deliver these same benefits, but with smaller footprints and a power range of 50-225 kW.”


The new welder has been chosen by Calsonic Kansei UK for its facility in Llanelli, Wales. “Our choice of EFD Induction was in part motivated by our positive experience of a larger Weldac,” says Peter Tomas, production engineer at the Llanelli plant. “The larger Weldac achieved high uptime, and gave us very little trouble. And when we did need after-sales support, we received prompt, professional service from EFD Induction.”


The new Weldac is currently under construction and is due for delivery to Calsonic Kansei during the first half of 2012. Once delivered, the welder will weld aluminium radiator and condenser components with a material thickness of only 0.25mm. “Being chosen by Calsonic Kansei, which is a renowned name in the world of automotive components, is an honour,” says Jon Philpott of EFD Induction UK. “But being selected for such a challenging application adds to the sense of achievement.”