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Induction heating of flat-strip steel springs

Autoliv Spring Dynamics, an automotive parts manufacturer based in the UK, demands quality and reliability throughout their operation. And it has to—because the company makes the flat-strip steel springs that retract car safety belts.

Induction means safe production at Autoliv

During their search for the best service standards, they met with Paul Evans from EFD Induction UK, and the cooperation began immediately. Two years later and EFD Induction’s services, products and personnel have become trusted components of Autoliv’s operation. Chris Cowell, Engineering Manager at Autoliv looks back on that meeting: “To say we were fortunate in making contact with Paul and EFD Induction, so soon after making the decision to find a replacement service company, would be an understatement.” Chris was particularly impressed with EFD Induction’s field service engineers, and the skills they used to service Autoliv’s 14 induction units purchased from different manufacturers and with a range of power outputs. So when the time came to look at installing new production cells, there was no hesitation in asking EFD Induction to specify the induction equipment. A unit was loaned and a technical team was on hand to set up the initial cell. “The team was excellent,” says Chris. “Their assistance in matching the coil design to our stringent specifications was invaluable.” Eighteen months later, these EFD Induction Sinac 5SH and Sinac 12SH converters have proven “totally reliable.”

No service calls have been required. This reliability is important for production efficiency, but the experience of working with EFD Induction products and services has given everyone confidence and security. Chris explains: “The EFD Induction converters fire every 6-7 seconds and are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The operators have learnt how reliable, repeatable and efficient induction heaters can be.” Chris sums it up: “We could not run our operation as confidently and efficiently as we do without the excellent service, support and advice that EFD Induction provides.”