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Major expansion in North America
EFD Induction recently acquired the Induction Bonding Systems business of Robotron Corp. The acquisition—which brings to almost 50 the number of EFD Induction, Inc. employees—significantly strengthens our presence in the key North American market.

Induction brazing of compressors
Italians are famous for their delicious ice cream. But ice cream with induction brazing? Alessandro Mariani of EFD Induction Italy provides a recipe that guarantees perfect results every time.

Induction heating of towel rails
They adorn exclusive hotels. They feature in stylish homes. They hang out at posh gyms. No, we’re not talking about pop stars. Instead, it’s the range of heated towel rails, shower curtain rails, basin support stands and column radiators made by Vogue UK.

Replacment of oscillator-type welder
EFD Induction Russia made an important breakthrough in the Russian market last May when it sold and installed its first solid-state welder (an EFD Induction WELDAC G2 450 kW).

Induction forging of plowshares
When EFD Induction last May delivered a 250 kW inductionheating system to a customer in Denmark, nobody knew that company history was in the making.

Induction pre-heating of wire
Nokian Tyres is not only the largest tyre manufacturer in the Nordic countries, it is also one of the most profitable tyre makers in the world. One reason behind the company’s success has been its unrelenting search for intelligent production processes that maintain quality while simultaneously cutting costs. A perfect example of this approach is the changeover to highfrequency induction heating equipment from EFD Induction for the pre-heating of wire.

Induction furnace for composite materials
When it comes to quality components and materials, nobody ismore demanding than the aeronautics and space industry. So it was a justifiably proud EFD Induction France that recently delivered two 6-meter long, 2.5-meter wide induction furnaces to a major manufacturer of composite materials.

The certificate awarded to EFD Induction Germany is the VDA 6.4
Not just anybody can supply German automakers. You first have to prove you’re as devoted to quality control as they are. And one way to prove it is to meet the tough quality control demands set by the German Confederation of Automobile Industries (Verband Der Automobilindustrie, or VDA for short).

EFD Induction vertical hardening machine
EFD Induction (Shanghai) achieved a spectacular result in deliveries and orders for the first quarter of 2003. The news is particularly welcome in light of the SARS outbreak, which some observers feared might dent demand for capital equipment.

Customer satisfaction
Friday, May 16 was a regular day at the Carrier commercial air conditioning plant in Morrison, Tennessee. That is, until a component failure threatened to shut down production.