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Melting with induction heating

Melting with induction heating

Induction heating is a smart and proven way of melting metal and glass. EFD Induction has developed solutions within a variety of areas such as precious metals, tilting furnace melting, investment casting and lab applications.


With an induction furnace the process is considerably cleaner than with a traditional furnace. This means you don't need to purify after the melting, which makes it possible to cut one step in the production process. Lower maintenance costs and machine inventory are some of the benefits. 


Induction is also safer and more cost-effective. No flame that leads to substantial heat losses or increases the risk of work injuries and fires.

In addition, induction heat is accurate and repeatable—important to secure the quality in your melting processes.


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Industrial heat processing systems


HeatLine is EFD Induction’s family of systems for melting and forging applications. A comprehensive range, HeatLine systems feature serial and/or parallel compensated induction power sources for a wide range of output powers and frequencies.


HeatLine’s serial technology is built around robust, high-uptime IGBT transistors. Our parallel technology features thyristor, IGBT and MOSFET components. Each HeatLine converter offers automatic load matching, a single microprocessor-based control board and integrated capacitors.


In addition to systems for melting and forging, HeatLine offers solutions for graphite coating, wire and strip heating, spring wire rolling, glass melting, graphite susceptor heating, galvanizing, food and chemical vessel heating, and other special applications.




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Induction melting

Induction melting for the metal and foundry industry

We presently offer five different types of melting furnaces for a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, iron, platina, silver and steel:
EFD Induction's melting furnaces are proven solutions for labs and small to mid-size foundries.
HeatLine is EFD Induction’s family of systems for melting and forging applications.